Thursday, May 7, 2009

Releasing PII... or not...

Back in January, over at Musings, I posted Now this is transparency:
Find the pay of most federal employees.

A week or two ago, I guess someone stumbled on the post and started an email chain accusing me of violating the Service's policy on the release of personal identifying information.

Er, let me get this straight... By linking to a website, a public website, which publishes public information which is provided by the federal government for the knowledge and edification of the public we serve, I'm violating the PII rule.

Get a grip folks.

Captain Q, in one of his final acts before retiring, provided cover, only even casually mentioning the email string to me as he'd squelched it directly.

Thanks, Captain, for adding a bit of reason to the discussion. And to those who over-reacted, do get a grip. Some things are in the best interest of the public we serve.

And, to those who think their pay isn't public knowledge, perhaps getting a job with a private company would be more your speed. Civil servants serve the nation, plain and simple.

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