Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another book for your bookshelf...

Well, er, maybe not.

Earlier this month, I wrote Guess what ought to be on the bookshelves of your local bookstore today over at An Unofficial . . . Blog.

Today, I read about Guarding the Coast by Samantha Gail. This is going to rank up with the second episode of The Pretender; from Amazon:
Captain Frankie Moriarty is an ace rescue pilot -- a hundred pounds of redheaded dynamite answering mayday calls along the northern Pacific coast with her elite . . . helicopter crew. As the commanding officer, she has a reputation to uphold and it’s one that doesn’t include getting involved with her coworkers.

Gage Adams is not your typical pretty boy. The team’s co-pilot and former pararescueman has seen battle and lived to lose sleep over it. For four years he has worked alongside Frankie, treating her with respect, viewing her as a sister...

Tonight, everything between them will change forever. . .
Well, at least Ms. Gail is writing (more than I can say for some people we might know). This is her 5th published novel.

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  1. Peter

    I am glad to aee you on this blog! A must read for me!