Thursday, May 14, 2009

Come on folks: don't be stupid... protect your children... all of them... including your babies...

Oh, this just irks me... I'm boiling... people who put their children in danger ought to be, well, strung up, perhaps...

From Joe Nicks at Radio Kenai: Family Rescued.
A . . . rescue crew was part of this week's efforts to rescue five people near Homer, involving two adults, two children and one infant. The five were in a 16-foot skiff that became disabled about three miles northeast of Homer Spit around 11 p.m. on Monday. Anthony and Dawn Crump, along with three children, had been camping in Halibut Cove since Friday. They were returning to Homer when the engine broke down. The [fifth military branch] was notified by the Homer Police Department after Anthony Crump, the owner of the skiff, called saying their vessel was disabled. Crump also shot a flare to assist the [smallest military service] with the rescue.
Okay, you're wondering what raised my ire? The last line:
Everyone on board the skiff, except for the infant, had personal flotation devices.
Urgh... come on. No PFD for the infant? Can he swim? Doubtful.

Let me tell you what irks me more than anything else: adults who put their children in stupid danger.

Come on, folks... protect your children. Get life jackets for everyone, including the babies.

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