Monday, March 30, 2009

This feels good...

You might know that I sold an unofficial blog... for a cup of coffee. Today, SIGNO 3 asked me, "Why?"

I think I replied that it was too much of a headache.

And, yet, that's not the complete truth because the complete truth is more complicated than a simple explanation; life can't be summed up in a word or two, and neither can a decision to sell out.

One reason the site's been a headache is the pseudonymous and anonymous crowd which hovers around to make comments. While hiding behind dark shadows. Without committing to stand by their own words, without standing up to be counted. When I allowed other permanent contributors, I started to give up the site, to sent it out on its own into the world. And I just didn't feel like dealing with the pseudonymous commenters. Here, I'll be the only blogger, and I'll deal with commenters with a ruthless severity not seen since the Russo-Japanese conflict of the last century (okay, I'm stretching in any number of ways here, but you get the idea). This is my game, my rules.

Second, to create something of worth, at least in the blogosphere, it's necessary to produce posts -- thus words -- every day. When there was nothing new posted, I felt like I was letting the readers down. You, dear reader here at another unofficial blog, will have no promise, be it stated or not. No, my promise here on this blog is simple: I promise nothing. I may post frequently or infrequently; this might even be the very last post. No promises. Expect nothing.

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