Monday, March 30, 2009

Admirals; they tell me I'm wrong...

Back in January, I pondered a bit and and then challenged the flag corps. I laid down the gauntlet, perhaps. Well, today the challenge was accepted.

Following a meeting today with SIGNO 3, wherein we discussed blogging in an official capacity, he asked me to stick around to chat.

I felt a keel hauling coming on, but, as usual, it was neither something so picturesque or important. No, he'd read my comment, and wanted to assure me that he knew of no targeting, whether official or unofficial.

That's good to know, but I'd pretty much already figured out what the pseudonymous source was talking about, because I've spoken to folks from 092 and I've seen the watch list.

Short answer: Yes, the agency is watching me. They're watching the entire blogosphere, and the rest of the Internet to boot, maintaining situational awareness. It's not for evil, and I think I've got almost an inside handle on this one.

You can get a clue about the future of this watch list program here and here. This isn't paranoia on anyone's part; this is merely maintaining a full situational awareness.

Perhaps they'll even find this blog. I've gone and turned the feeds on, along with the ping; these changes will make it a little easier to find.

Now, about that other situation, the one about the mysterious billet move...

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