Friday, April 3, 2009

Who do you trust

Over at An Unofficial Blog, and elsewhere, the question of credibility has been hashed over (and over). I saw an interesting bit today about the Google/Twitter situation, and thought it appropriate. From JR Raphael:
I know, I know: Bloggers are entitled to break news as much as traditional journalists these days. But when push comes to shove and the two trades collide, my faith still falls with the veteran reporter. It's not the title that determines my trustworthiness -- heck, All Things Digital is itself described as a blog -- it's the writer's track record when it comes to things like journalistic integrity, thoroughness of reporting, and careful evaluation of sources. Whether information's given on The New York Times or on Timmy's Totally Terrific Tech Blog, that's what I'm ultimately going to consider.
I think JR sums it up nicely; track record plays a big part in terms of credibility.

So in the blogosphere of America's Fifth Military Service, who do you put your trust and faith to?

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