Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If you build it, will they come?

Who knows?

This is a little experiment.  I'm going to start this blog, and yet not tell anyone about it for a while. Just post.  I don't think I'm going to do anything to promote it; perhaps I'll add an RSS feed, or maybe I'll cut off the RSS altogether.  My thinking is that this blog will be a little edgier, push the boundaries even further, than An Unofficial Blog. I have some things I want to say that I don't want to say over at An Unofficial Blog or over at my Musings, and yet they are about... well, you know... I can't actually write it, because I want to see if I can keep this out of the aggregaters and alerts.

Anyway, consider it an experiment in blogging under the radar.

If you swing by here please comment below; I'd love to hear how you stumbled upon here and if you are a regular reader of one of my other blogs.


  1. Hi Peter - found after 3.5 months.... via Twitter post. :)

  2. Well, it was bound to happen... now that I'm pushing the feed to Facebook and Twitter and several aggregators... Feel free to add the RSS feed to your reader; I can't promise the quality of posts or the frequency of posts, but you're certainly welcome to read and comment to my dithering commentary...

  3. Alo, thanks... they threw me under the bus... ;-)

    you might be interested in my just-now-created Twitter user @AnotherCGBlog

  4. Good to see you still blogging on your own anyway. Belated congrats staffmate.